Offensive odors including hydrogen suflide gas are produced in residential & commercial drain pipes and septic systems. The Sweet Air™ vent filter is your answer to eliminate plumbing or septic odors. Sweet Air™ vent stack filter is inexpensive and can be easily installed on existing vent stacks. Activated carbon “scrubs” the vent discharge putting an end to unpleasant odors from house, septic, and portable toilet vents.

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  • UV Stabilized, Hi-Impact ABS Construction
  • Universal connector fits 3″ or 4″ Schedule 40 vent stack

    (For 2” vent stack use Schedule 40 2×2 coupler. For 1-1/2” vent stack use a Schedule 40 2″ hub x 1-1/2″ slip reducer. Not included – available at your home center or hardware store.)

  • Use solvent weld glue to secure Sweet Air™ to vent stack
  • Twist top for easy carbon maintenance 8oz. carbon filter material included.
  • Black exterior absorbs radiant heat from the sun that helps carbon action and protects against the winter freeze.
  • Easy to install
  • No more offensive odors
  • No more spoiled patio parties
  • No more foul air drifting into open windows
    Sweet Air